Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off

Did you know Butter can make your pants fall off?

Neither did I until I started eating Butter and cream and bacon and eggs and Fatty cuts of chicken cooked in good old fashioned lard.

I lost 145 pounds in 14 months and was amazed to see eating Butter made my size 54 pants fall off,

I’m not kidding when I say Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off

I’m living proof that it worked for me and know it will work for you.

Hello, my name is Bob, I’m fifty years old, I’m not a diet guru, I’m just an average working class guy and I know my story sounds crazy,
but I hope you’ll hear me out if you’re fat and sick and hurting,
I hope you’ll give me a few minutes of your time, because I believe my story could really change your life.

Instead of calling this video Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off, I almost called it –

“Sugar made me so fat I couldn’t sit in a folding chair.”

because the truth is – this is me on May 8th, Twenty 13, and I couldn’t sit in these fold down chairs.
You know the type with arm rests – that are nightmares for fat people.

Me and my family had gone to my son’s college graduation

The ceremony was held on the floor of a huge gymnasium,

but we had to sit way up high in the nose bleed section on one of those long hard wooden benches

because I was too fat to sit in these chairs close to the ceremony.

I wanta tell you about how I went from that guy, to this:

I’m about to tell you something you might not believe at first, but fat does not make you fat.

The more fat you eat, the less fat you’ll have hanging over your belt.

Butter is diet food for people who tend to get fat.

And if saying “butter is diet food” shocks you,
I’ll take it a step further, and shock you more.

I know Butter and cream and bacon and lard are fantastic health restoring miracle foods.

I lost 100 pounds in 7 months

and another 45 pounds in the 7 months after that
for a total of 145 pounds in 14 months

eating fat is The best cholesterol medicine.

The best heart burn and acid reflux medicine is eating fat.

eating fat is The best joint pain reliever.

The best weight loss medicine and the best appetite suppressant is eating fat.

I’m the drug companies worst freaking nightmare,

I’m a middle aged man, and I’m not on any of their pills.

I don’t smother when I sleep on my back,

I don’t have acid reflux or heartburn anymore,

I don’t have cholesterol problems or high blood pressure,

I don’t get the shakes from my sugar going too low.

I used to have such severe joint pain and stiffness that I could barely get out of bed in the morning. It was painful to walk, my knees and feet hurt so bad I could only used them by grinning and baring with the pain. and my hands and shoulders were no picnic either.
I used to live on Aleve just to make it through the day

but now I don’t have joint aches and pains anymore.

The drug companies can’t sell me their pills anymore.

I’ve been on a high fat – low carbohydrate diet every day for 16 months.

And I want to share some my numbers with you.
I went from 58 inches at my belly button on April 8th Twenty thirteen
to 34 ¼ inches at my belly button today.

I just got a blood test on August 4th Twenty Fourteen and here’s my results

My fasting glucose was 79 which is great
So I’m certainly not diabetic.
My HDL cholesterol is 48 which is good.
My Triglycerides are 53 which is fantastic.

Listen, a high fat diet has not clogged my arteries.

I went on this diet because I found out WHY –
I was fat and sick and hurting from joint pain,

it was because I couldn’t handle sugar.

I’m not saying sugary foods are bad for everyone, I’m saying they are poison to people like me

Poison to people who tend to get fat.

Sugar is a poison to people like me and YOU, if you’re fat around the middle.

Sugar is the poison and eating fat is the cure.


Listen and let me tell you something you already know:

Fat people handle food differently than thin people.

We all know people who are fat and we say they’re fat because they eat to much.

But on the other hand, We all know people who eat like horses and they’re slim and trim and never gain weight.

But you know what,

Why don’t we say the skinny person is skinny BECAUSE they eat too much?

When the fat guy eats too much it’s automatically the reason he’s fat.

You know, If it’s just calories,

If getting fat is just a simple math problem.
1 + 1 = 2

then if you eat too much you ought to get fat, period.

And if you don’t eat a lot, you ought to get thin, period.

You know – the question of why some of us get fat is not about calories – we all know it can’t be just calories because some people just don’t get fat.

The real question is why do some people collect fat and stay hungry, and why do other people not collect fat and stay full of energy, slim and trim?

What causes people like me and you to store more of the food we eat as fat, instead of burning that food for energy?

This is the key to why Butter makes your pants fall off.

See, the person who stores what he eats as fat has got a problem

and that problem is what doctors call “insulin resistance”.

Now this is kinda a complicated idea, but I’m going to make it as simple as I know how.

Those of us with insulin resistance, make too much insulin when we eat or drink foods that turn into sugar in our bodies.

You know what, if you’re fat around the middle, got a fat belly, you probably have insulin resistance.

I say you’re probably insulin resistant if you have a big belly because

doctors believe the one thing insulin resistant people have in common is a big belly.

They’re fat around the middle.

And you don’t have to be hugely fat, it begins when you start getting bigger in the tummy.

The fatter and bigger your belly is, the more insulin resistant you probably are.

and the fatter your belly gets, the more insulin you make when you eat carbohydrates.

The word Carbohydrate is what my Grandpa used to call a 2 dollar word.

So I’ll explain that 2 dollar word with my 50 cent education.

Carbohydrates are any food or drink that our body turns into the sugar as soon as we eat it, like potatoes, corn, sugar, soft drinks, cake, cookies, and bread.

Here’s the problem in a nutshell:

Whenever you eat anything with sugar or anything that your body turns into sugar – in other words a two dollar carbohydrate.

Your pancreas, a little organ right below your liver, releases insulin to keep your blood sugar at a certain level.

Insulin is a hormone that your body uses to drive sugar out of your bloodstream and into your muscles to use as energy and insulin also drives sugar into your fat cells to store for energy between meals and while you sleep.

Insulin is normal and healthy and life giving, but for people who tend to get fat,

we’ve got this problem called insulin resistance,

If you have insulin resistance, and you probably do if you have a fat belly,

then when you eat carby-sugary foods, your muscles, your organs, even your fat cells resist the drive of insulin to put more sugar in them.

They don’t want anymore sugar.

They refuse accepting anymore sugar, It’s like your muscles say “No more, no thank you.”

They resist the drive of insulin to force this sugar into them.

This is dangerous because your body has got to get this sugar out your blood, it can’t stay there or you’d die,

so your pancreas makes more insulin to force these resistant cells to accept the sugar.


Now here’s the problem, when insulin levels are high in your body, you can not burn fat.

You can’t burn the fat you just ate and you can’t burn the fat around your belly for energy.

The problem goes even further for the big belly, insulin resistant person,

the more insulin you release and the longer your insulin level stay up,

the more of the food that you just ate is locked up in your fat and can’t be burned as energy.

You just ate a big bowl of cereal, but your muscles are insulin resistant, so you made too much insulin to force the Sugar into your muscles

This high insulin locks a big part of this cereal up in your fat cells.

In other words, your fat belly stole your breakfast and if it steals a part of your breakfast, it leaves you hungry.

If your still hungry after eating, you know what you’ll do?

You’ll eat more to make up for the cereal your fat cells are holding onto,

and if you eat a snack cake and a soft drink between breakfast and lunch, because you’re still hungry, you just spike your insulin again.

Keeping your fat locked up longer, so you can’t even burn the fat in your belly between meals.


For the thin, skinny person, it’s a different situation,

his insulin goes up, his muscles accept that sugar, they don’t resist it and this energy makes him feel good and he stores whatever extra calories he ate in his fat cells,

then his insulin level goes down and he’ll burn the fat that he stored in his fat cells between meals and while he sleeps,

he feels good, he doesn’t gain weight, for the thin guy everything’s normal and cool.


but for you eating a high sugar meal is a problem, because your insulin levels go higher and last longer.

You got a big belly, you’re insulin resistant, you produce too much insulin.

When insulin is high, the burning of fat is shut down in your body.

This makes sense, because if the body is burning fat, it doesn’t need to burn the sugar you just ate for energy.

so insulin shuts down the burning of fat to help clear the sugar out of the blood faster.

High insulin stores food as fat and shuts off the burning of fat.

When the person who tends to get fat eats sugary foods, their insulin is higher and lasts longer than the thin person.

You can’t burn fat and because you can’t burn part of what you just ate, then you’re left still hungry and with less energy, so you’re also tired.

I’ve told you what happens when Insulin is high,

now I want to tell you what happens when insulin is low.

Without insulin, it is almost impossible to store calories as fat.

And without insulin, your fat cells start releasing the fat they’ve stored to be used as energy.

We can see this in Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetics,
In the days before insulin could be manufactured and put in shot form, being diagnosed with this type of Diabetes was a death sentence.
One of the first signs that a person had this disease is they start losing a lot of weight, even while eating normal amounts of food.
Without enough insulin they can no longer use the sugary starchy foods they eat for energy
and they can no longer store extra calories in fat.
Insulin puts sugar into muscles and fat and keeps the body from burning fat.
Without insulin,
They quickly release so much fat from their fat cells that they overwhelm their system.
Without insulin, it’s nearly impossible to store fat and without insulin your body releases the fat you have stored to burn for energy.
Another example of low insulin is people who are starving or fasting for a long time.
when there’s no food, insulin is very low, people quickly lose their fat.
You can see an example of people starving on one of these survivor TV shows and watch people lose 25 to 30 pounds in a few weeks when they don’t have anything to eat.

The interesting question is this, and what I’m about to ask is key.
If you don’t have any food, What does the body eat?
In other words, you’re not putting any food in your mouth,
but the body itself has to have constant energy or it would die immediately.
So what does the starving body eat when there’s no food?
It eats FAT. It eats it’s own fat.
It’s own fat stored around it’s belly and but and chinny, chin chins.
When you’re starving, your own belly fat supplies 85% of you energy needs.
The interesting thing about starvation and fasting is this:
what is the one type of food the starving and fasting person is really doing without?
Of coarse they’re not eating food, but their body is eating nevertheless.
The starving body isn’t doing without fat – they’re eating their own fat.
and their not doing without protein either, because their body breaks down their own tissues for protein.
The only thing these people are really doing without – is carbohydrates.
This is what’s so funny to me when people say eating a high fat diet is dangerous.
You see, your body converts some of the sugar and nearly all the fat you eat, into body fat and stores it in your fat cells after you eat.
The normal-weight person releases fat from their own body between meals and during sleep and this body fat that they release,
amounts to an average of 60% of their daily energy.
Even normal-weight people are on a 60% fat diet.
Everyone is living on this high fat diet and doesn’t know it.
We’re not eating fat, but our body turns what we eat into body fat to supply energy to us between meals and while we sleep,
Our bodies eat this fat and that adds up to 60% of the energy we use each day.
Even the Vegans and vegetarians out there, who would rather die than eat animal fat, even these vegans are eating their own human animal fat between meals and while they sleep, human animal fat produced by their own body from all the bananas and veggies they’ve been eating.
This living on fat is normal. And if your body does it right, you will not be fat.
But with those of us who are insulin resistant,
it is our high insulin levels which block us from burning this fat at a rate that would allow us to remain slim.
So when you starve or fast, you’re really just doing without carbs and you’re eating somewhere around 85% of calories from your own fat.
This bacon, egg and butter meal is made out of the same type of food my body would be eating if I was starving.
This meal, along with this coffee and the heavy cream in this coffee amounts to a high fat meal, 80% of the calories you see here are fat calories
It is low in carbs, so my insulin response will be low,
When I used to eat cereal, my insulin was high, the burning of fat would be shut down which would cause my fat belly to steal part of my breakfast.
You know if I have something
and you take it and hold on to it and don’t let me use it, you’ve stolen my stuff.
If you eat, and some of that food is kept in storage by high insulin levels then you can’t use it for energy, then your fat cells have stolen your breakfast.
And if your breakfast has been stolen,
you’ll still be hungry
But with the bacon, eggs and butter, my insulin is kept low.
I get to use these calories for energy and I get to use the fat I’ve already got stored in my belly, to burn between meals and while I sleep.
With low insulin, my body is free to burn my fat for energy.
I won’t be left hungry, because keeping insulin low, keeps the flow of energy from my fat wide open.
This is not something I read in a book, I live everyday with complete control over my appetite because my fat is not locked up by high insulin levels.
Getting to use these calories gives me energy all the time and even better –
I have control without using willpower or struggling at all.
Eating stuff like this, will keep you in a fat releasing mode, instead of a fat storing mode.
Listen, Your body is designed to release fat when insulin is low.
When you eat fat your keeping your insulin low, and you’re going to get to use those fat calories to burn as energy
and you’re going to get to use the calories already stored in your fat to tide you over between meals and while you sleep.
You’ll notice your appetite going way down
and your energy level going way up, so long as you keep your insulin low by not eating or even worse drinking carbs.

The key to why Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off is this:

When you replace the carbs you took outta your diet, and you add back fat, it keeps you satisfied.

It reduces your appetite, and it gives you control over your appetite for the first time in your life.

Without carbs spiking a high insulin response, fat will give you appetite control like you will not believe until you experience it yourself.

It’s the one thing people always tell me when they go on this diet.
And this is how I know they’re really doing the diet right.

They always say how they have control over their appetite for the first time in years.

Some times they forget to eat and think back, did I eat?

You’ll start burning the fat in your belly, instead of storing more of it.

This will reduce your insulin resistance.

Your fat belly won’t steal your breakfast

You’ll be able to eat and use that energy and the energy being released from your fat belly to live your life with very little hunger.

You won’t have to eat more later to make up for the food your fat cells stole from you.

You’ll start feeling better and having more energy.

You break the vicious cycle, by directly attacking the root of the problem – too much insulin.

You’ve been struggling with this hunger problem your whole life, struggling with food and an outta control appetite your whole life.

The best thing to do, is to attack the problem where it lives,
you’ve gotta insulin problem,

Stop the insulin problem.

I’m going to say that again. STOP THE INSULIN PROBLEM.
Your body produces insulin when you eat carbs.

When you eliminate the problem, high insulin caused by too much Sugary foods and drinks,

you attack and defeat the root cause of your fat collecting problem and the root cause of your out of control appetite problem.

When you eat eggs and bacon, instead of cereal, then you stop your fat cells from stealing your breakfast.

Now that I’ve told you WHY it works, before I can tell you how to use Butter to make your pants fall off, I’ve got to tell you how to avoid carbohydrates.
You’re probably saying, that’s simple, but it’s not, because carbohydrates are hiding every where and in everything.
The food industry has been messing with our food supply
They’ve put sugar in practically every product you can buy.
They’ve done this sneaky too, because they can put sugar into everything and not actually call it sugar.
They have a lot names for sugar and they use these names instead of the word “sugar” so they can pull the wool over your eyes.
Are they deliberately trying to make you fat, no, they don’t care if your fat or not.
The only thing they care about is getting you hungry enough to buy more of their junk.
So how do they make you hungry?
They add sugar to every conceivable product they sell.
They’re careful not to use the name “sugar” but it’s sugar anyway.
They call it corn syrup solids in coffee creamer, you know corn syrup solids are just dehydrated glucose sugar which means your powered coffee creamer is just straight carbs. Through that junk out and use heavy whipping cream.
They call it high-fructose corn syrup in thousands of other products. High-fructose corn syrup is just sugar by a different name, and what makes it so bad is it can be manufactured a whole lot cheaper than traditional sugar, so they can spike everything with it and believe me they know it increases peoples hunger.
They call it maltodextrine, Cane juice crystals, Carob syrup, caramel, Chicory, Barley malt, Agave nectar, Hydrolyzed corn starch.
The list goes on and on, in fact there are over 200 names for the sugar-like products they put in our foods, but regardless of what they call the sugar, if you’re insulin resistant it will make you hungry.
It’s in your bread, it’s in your chips, it’s in your lunch meats, it’s in your peanut butter, it’s in your ketchup, it’s in your salad dressing, it’s even in your baby formula.
So, if you want to get your insulin under control, you have no choice but to avoid almost every packaged food you can imagine.
So look at labels and avoid the sugar.
Now let’s look at adding fat.
This is a high fat diet, and to learn how to do it is more complicated than I can cover in this video, but upping the percentage of fat in your diet is pretty simple.
Let’s look at breakfast,
Say you eat four pieces of bacon and 3 eggs for breakfast. What I normally eat.
I always add a tablespoon of melted butter to this.
Now this meal has 77% fat.
But, this is not all I do for breakfast. I also drink a nice cup of coffee.
I don’t use that powered creamer
I use this: Heavy Whipping Cream. You can get it anywhere.
I put a couple of spoonfuls in my coffee, each spoon is 50 fat calories for a total of 100 fat calories in my morning coffee. It makes my coffee rich and delicious.
I add a little Vanilla Sugar-Free DaVinci Cream to make it taste unbelievable good.
Now my morning breakfast will be about 80% fat.
You can do the same kind of calculations for other meals.
Look for the fatty cuts of meat, if you can afford it, buy fattier beef, like Ribeye. I know Ribeye is out of my budget most the time, but when you think how much a Meal Deal is at a fast food joint, for about the same price, you could have a Ribeye, which would keep you satisfied much longer than the other.
Look for the fatty cuts of chicken, stay away from lean breasts of chicken. Buy the cheaper and fattier thighs, or drumsticks.
Always look for the fattier cuts of meat.
You know the first thing I always hear from people when I tell them about this diet is,
“You mean I have to give up my potatoes and bread and my soft drinks”
Yea, you gotta give em up. The reason you gotta give em up, is you gotta a carbohydrate problem, you can’t handle the sugar.
You can’t handle the sugar that’s in those things. You make too much insulin when you eat them.
Will you be able to handle it when you lose your weight?
Maybe not, depends on how much damage you’ve done to your system over the years.
You’ll probably never be able to eat like you did when you were young again.
I’ve been able to add back some potatoes to my food since I’ve lost the weight, but I’ve not added back the flour and sugar and I never will, because I like being slim and pain free.
Right now, you can’t handle it.
But I want to turn the question around.
Are you really giving up potatoes and bread and snack cakes and soft drinks,
or are you giving up a big belly, giving up 50 extra pounds, 100 extra pounds, a 150 extra pounds.
Are you giving up arthritis
Are you giving up acid reflux and heartburn
Are you giving up sleep apnea and a nightime breathing mask
Are you giving up a couple hundred dollars of prescription drugs every month.
Are you giving up dying twenty years sooner than you should.
Or feeling like death while you’re still living?
Are you giving up not being able to play with your kids and grandkids because your too fat
Are you giving up not being able to sit in a chair
You gotta see this from the right perspective.
and when you attack this problem where it lives
Really attack the problem where it lives, too much insulin caused by eating too much sugar.
You can get rid of this problem
And listen, this is not a casual problem you’ve got.
It’s really not about weight. Although weight is important.
It’s really about what insulin resistance is associated with.
It’s associated with some nasty, expensive, life shortening diseases.
Insulin Resistance is at the root of
Heart Disease, stoke, angina, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, joint pain/ osteoarthritis.
Polycystic ovarian syndrome which is the cause of irregular periods in women and pelvic pain and cysts on their ovaries,
and it’s associated with several types of cancers such as cancer of the Esophagus, the Pancreas, the Colon, Breast cancer and cancer of the uterus and kidney.
You know open heart bypass surgery is a major, major let down. It’s super expensive and life threatening and could be life destroying.
Diabetes and arthritis are devastating and expensive too.
Folks, associations between these diseases and high insulin are real, all you have to do is go to google and type in one of names of these diseases and add the phrase “insulin resistance” and you’ll see just how real this stuff is.
So if you have a big belly and if you have insulin resistance this is serious business.
So are you giving up potatoes, and bread and soft drinks and snack cakes, or are you giving up these diseases that are going to rob you of the enjoyment of your middle aged years and old age.
You gotta decide which one you want more, cakes and candy, potatoes and bread, or playing with the kids and grandkids, staying off expensive medicines and being slim and healthy.
Look below to see my notes and recommendations for great books, videos and websites that can help you learn all you need to know about this diet.
Thanks for listening and if you think this video will help someone you know, please share it with them.
Good bye.